Chaleur Autism and Asperger Family Centre Inc.

Signification of Logo


Chaleur Autism and Asperger Family Centre Inc.Illustration
The lighthouse represents the Centre’s power and strength in fulfilling its mission to assist individuals living with autism spectrum disorder.

The ray of light shows parents, families, and the community a direction they can follow.

The faces are looking ahead, towards the future.

The puzzle pieces symbolize members of the community surrounding the family. It shows people helping each other, including those with differences, becoming a source of comfort and support for the family.

The sea represents our region. Its waves depict the upheaval experienced by some families.

Green is the colour of freshness. Its soothing effect evokes hope and tranquility.

Yellow represents our openness to others and social contact. It is luminous, warm, and stimulating. It brightens our days and lets us shine.

Blue is a calming and soothing colour. It evokes serenity, security, and inner peace.

Together we live, grow, and share

Logo’s concept
Félix Leblanc, Bathurst, N.B.
June 2010

Chaleur Autism and Asperger Family Centre Ltd
701- Apt.1 rue Principale
Petit-Rocher N.B. E8J 1G1
Tel: (506) 542-9448

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